CALL OUTS—Call outs are logged at varies regional offices. They are then prioritized with the consent of the client in Categories of importance and promptly attended as per agreed with customer.

RESPONSE TIME—If agreed to by us and the customer on a fixed response time for example no longer then two hours from reserving the call out.

PARTS FITTED—We will only fit genuine parts and no alternative parts will be used, unless specified, and on be halve of the clients consent only. This will only be used as a cheaper alternative but we will be oblige to inform the customer of the negative impact on his equipment if such exists.

SUPPLIERS—We only use approved and accredited suppliers.


We are proud to offer you the following services—

  • Maintaining of small, medium and large air-conditioning plants.
  • Maintenance on central air-conditioning plants.
  • Installation of small and medium air conditioning plants.
  • Installation of small and medium refrigeration plants.
  • Evaporative cooling maintenance and installations.
  • Upgrading of old central plants for energy efficiency and renewal of control panels.
  • Guarantee and Maintenance services for companies installing central plants.
  • Engineering works big or small.
  • Generator service division.
  • Electrical maintenance on Air-conditioning as well as refrigeration plants.



Choosing the right size air conditioner will enable you to maximize the efficiency of your machines whilst minimizing the impact on your budget. It is also important to have the right size unit for the space you require to be air conditioners as this will add to the longevity of your air conditioner.

There are many factors that influence the size needed including area, roof height, exposure to sunlight etc etc and you will need a qualified technician to assist with this decision. However, as a rough guideline you can calculate the square meters of the area you wish to air condition and refer to the table below to assist with your selection.

Room Size Aircon Size
15 to 18 m2 9 000 btu
20 to 25 m2 12 000 btu
30 to 35 m2 18 000 btu
40 to 45 m2 24 000 btu
55 to 60 m2 30 000 btu